The Gap: How to destroy value and exhaust yourself in the process


07:30 - 08:30 GMT


As leaders of teams, organisations and systems, we operate in an increasingly volatile and chaotic world driven by the relentless march of new technologies, the radical disruption of traditional business models, unrelenting public scrutiny, increasing accountability to more powerful and varied stakeholders, and the public failure of major institutions, to name just a few. The resulting chaos means it’s never been more difficult to lead.

Our speaker, Dr. Peter Fuda, is uniquely qualified to guide us through this chaos. For the past 15 years, he has been a prolific agent of change and transformation across the globe with the world’s leading organisations, through every imaginable medium, including consulting, coaching, research, teaching, speaking, publishing, film and all forms of media.

And while Peter’s global impact and profile have soared, he has retained a uniquely Australian sense of humour, as today’s session title attests: “The Gap: How to destroy value and exhaust yourself in the process” Peter will take us on a journey through his best research and insights.

By the end of our session, you will gain many new insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of your environment and lead your team to the next level.

Please note that the PDF that Peter references in the talk is no longer available, but you can find some of the resources available on his website:

AG-B Says:

How do I access the white paper please

E Bayliss Says:

Hi, can you point me to Peters pdf on this topic please as promised in his presentation this morning? Thanks.

Francesca Says:

Peter’s white paper has now been uploaded and can be found in the resources section above.