Do the people know best? Capturing the collective wisdom of the crowd to innovate and redesign care


19:30 - 20:00 GMT


From TripAdvisor to Glassdoor, you can access the wisdom of the crowd to help you choose everything from a hotel to a new job. But can cutting edge crowdsourcing really work in the health and care system? Have we got an appetite for design-by-crowd?

We’ll be joined by Nigel Edwards (CEO, The Nuffield Trust), the Horizons crowdsourcing research team, NHS staff, patients and community platform developers share their crowdsourcing narrative for improving care. You can expect honest debate of the pros and cons of this new era approach to collective wisdom.

Be surprised, challenge us and come away from the session with downloadable resources on crowdsourcing for continuous personal development and/or to share with your local health and care organisation.

A transcript of this session is available in the resources section.


Helen Bevan (England) | Chief Transformation Officer , NHS Horizons Group
Nigel Edwards (London) | CEO , Nuffield Trust |
Jodi Brown (Leeds) | Senior Improvement Manager , NHS Horizons Group |
Carol Read (Leeds) | Transformation Fellow , NHS Horizons Group |
Janet Wildman (Leeds) | Associate , NHS Horizons Group |



19:30 - 20:00 GMT


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Links & Resources

marcuscake Says:

Health Wisdom crowd creates patient healthcare with a network to focus the wisdom of effort of crowds across the United Kingdom. A presentation and comprehensive introduction is available from .

Health Wisdom is part of UK Wisdom Network ( ). UK Wisdom Network crowd creates prosperity.

United Kingdom Wisdom enables the 3rd Industrial Revolution, distributed prosperity, distributed governance, economic transformation, government transformation, all-inclusive citizen empowerment, democratisation across every sector, regional/global integration and accelerates the shift towards a Network Society and a global humanitarian platform. Network Society consolidates all 8 types of capital underlying prosperity in few networks, rather than exponential fragmentation and centralisation of the Industrial Economy, at ‘Zero Marginal cost‘. Launch in 90-180 days. Transformation in 2-5 years.

Network Society unites people within a few networks. Industrial Economy divides people with millions of hierarchies. The savings can be devoted to health care. The growth, prosperity and ability to capture 9 times more effort (than an Industrial Economy structure) could be applied toward improving health outcomes for every one. The opportunity for everyone to participate and contribute to everyone’s health in real-time has some exponential benefits.

The two web links above provide comprehensive information.

marcuscake Says:

Article: What is Wisdom? Wisdom is perfect knowledge and optimal action and can only be achieved by global networks! Only Network Society can possess global wisdom! ( )

What is Wisdom? There is a diversity of views of the meaning of wisdom. Wisdom is perfect knowledge and optimal action and can only be possessed by large global networks, not individuals. Wisdom Networks are the next stage in the evolutionary process that is organising every “thing” using the internet.The next stage of both economic development and the information revolution will organise the final 3 elements of wisdom in the cloud. These first three stages took decades to be crowd created. The final three stages will be crowd created in 5 years and result in a profound change in the world we live in. Only the Network Society development model can possess global wisdom because it is a consolidated network that organises every “thing”. An Industrial Economy can never possess wisdom because it uses fragmentation and centralisation to organise society.

The article also summarises the 4 attributes required of a ‘wise crowd’, the 8 conjectures that capture the wisdom of crowds approach, the 6 elements which constitute wisdom and an explanation of how evolution is crowd creating each of the six pieces over the last few decades to create a Network Society.