What is the School for Change Agents?

It is a free five week virtual learning programme for change activists within health and social care.  The School is a programme designed by disruptors for disruptors and is a platform where radicals can learn together.

How do I register for the School for Change Agents?

You can register for the School for Change Agents, and subscribe to our newsletters by entering your email address below:

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Who can join?

Anyone!  If you are passionate about change and want to rock the boat to bring about change then this is the programme for you!

Do I need specific qualifications to take part?

No, this course is open to people at all levels.

How many hours a week do I need to commit to the School for Change Agents?

The live weekly WebEx last for 1 hour 30 minutes.  If you want to actively engage by joining in with the live sessions, working through the module guides and completing the follow up work to become a Certificated Change Agent you will need to set aside five hours a week.

When do the live sessions take place?

The School for Change Agents starts on Thursday 16 February 2017 from 15:00-16:30 (GMT) and follows every week at the same time on:

Module 2 – 23 February
Module 3 – 2 March
Module 4 – 9 March
Module 5 – 16 March

What technical equipment do I need to join the sessions?

The live sessions will take place using a WebEx and you will need to ensure that you have access to the internet and a phone line or headset.

Further assistance on accessing WebEx can be found on their website

What happens if I can’t make the virtual sessions?

This programme is designed to fit around peoples very busy lives so if you are unable to join the live sessions you can watch the recording at a time convenient to you.  The recordings will be made available on the School for Change Agents website in the ‘resources’ section.

Where do I find the materials for the School for Change Agents?

All of the module guides and other materials can be found on our ‘resource’ page on the School for Change Agents website.

I completed the School for Change Agents last year, is there more this year?

New for 2017 we are adding new content, materials and challenges, but the content is broadly similar.

Will I get support and can I have a mentor?

New for 2017, we are offering virtual learning sets. We’ll provide more information about joining a learning set when you sign up.

Do I have to take part in the School for Change Agents on my own or can I form a group?

Both!  If you want to form a small group that is great, the School for Change Agents is all about sharing ideas and learning together, this is a perfect way to do it.

How do I obtain my CPD points?

Colleagues from the NHS in England can submit their participation in the School for Change Agents to their Royal College or other professional organisation as part of their CPD portfolio. For UK nurses the school can be used as part of their re-validation portfolio.

How can I contact the School for Change Agents team?

The easiest way to contact the School for Change Agents team (Horizons Group – Sustainable Improvement Team – NHS England) is by emailing england.si-horizons@nhs.net.

What is the history of the School for Change Agents?

The School builds on 15 years of working for radical change. Its roots are in the earliest national change programmes in the English NHS from 1998. The first School for Organisational Radicals ran in 2004, based on a challenge from the NHS Modernisation Agency to create a million change agents. The School for Healthcare Radicals began in 2010, changed its name in 2014 to the School for Health and Care Radicals. For 2017, for a number of reasons, we decided to change the name to School for Change Agents.

All of the curriculum and content of the School for Change Agents is based on experience and empirical evidence of large scale change.

How do I become a Certificated Change Agent?

After completing the School for Change Agents you can submit your ‘Certification Application’ request form to england.si-horizons@nhs.net if your application is successful you will achieve the status of a ‘Certificated Change Agent’ recognised by NHS England (Sustainable Improvement Team).  You will also receive a virtual badge and certificate.

Does the School for Change Agents have a theory of change and if so what is it?

The theory of change the School for Change Agents is based on is fifteen years of theory and practice of large scale change. The thought leaders whose work the school draws on include:

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