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Frequently asked questions

How do I apply to become a Certificated Change Agent?
To apply to become a Certificated Change Agent you will need to download and complete the Certification Application form.

Completed forms need to be emailed to the School team, your application will then be marked against our criteria and you will be notified via email if you have been successful in your application.

Can we apply as part of a group?
Yes, however, if you would like to obtain individual certification, each member of the group will need to complete their own application otherwise the certificate (should the application be successful) will be addressed to the name of the group.

Do I have to live in the United Kingdom to apply for certification?
No, we accept applications from the United Kingdom and overseas.  If you apply from overseas and your application is successful, you will receive an electronic certificate whereas United Kingdom applicants will receive a certificate via the post.

I haven’t completed my change action yet, can I still submit my application?
Yes. Your answers to the questions can include what you plan to do to complete your action as as action you have already taken.

Do I need to have taken part in the live sessions to apply for certification?
No, you can either have watched the module sessions live or via the recordings and undertaken the required work.

What happens after I have submitted the form?
Your submission will be considered by the certification committee of the School and you will hear by Monday 15 May 2017 if your submission is of the required standard to gain certification to become a Certificated Change Agent.

Is certification free?
Yes, we do not charge a fee for certification.

Can I apply for CPD credits for attending the School?
Yes, if you are based in the United Kingdom.
The School for Change Agents has been accredited by CPD UK as conforming to continuing professional development principles.
Therefore, you can use the School certification process to apply for CPD credits. When you submit your certification application and become a Certificated Change Agent you can use the certificate that you receive as evidence when completing your CPD log.

Is there an evaluation for the School?
Yes. As part of the certification process, we require people to complete the School evaluation questionnaire which only takes a few minutes to complete, please click here to access the questionnaire.

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