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School for Change Agents

Anyone who wants to bring about change has to be ready to break the rules. But in sectors such as health and social care, that can be really difficult. The art of rocking the boat while staying in it is something it seems no-one is ready to help you learn.

That’s where the School for Change Agents comes in. Brought to you by NHS England Horizons team, the School is entirely online, free, backed by the world’s largest health organisation: the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), and is a platform for change agents to learn together, using powerful, guided learning.

The School for Change Agents is a free five week virtual learning programme for change activists in health, social care, and related sectors.

  • Five modules
  • Absolutely free
  • Handbook and study guides
  • Guided Social Learning
  • Meet fellow change agents from all over the world

Download the 2017 Programme Guide.

If you’ve been frustrated by having to navigate stifling hierarchies to get the changes you know are needed, or criticised for being a dissenter, disruptive or even divisive, then the School is for you. It’s more than just a school — it’s a platform for learning, and a community of people like you. You can read more in our FAQs.

You can also get involved through Twitter: @Sch4Change #S4CA. If you are on Facebook, pop over and ‘like’ our page, and join our closed group.

The 2017 term has now ended, however, you can watch the recordings of each live session by visiting the module pages and following the links.

Module Dates

Module 1

Being a health and care change agent: change starts with me


Add to Calendar DD/MM/YYYY 16/02/2017 14:30 16/02/2017 16:00 School for Health Care Radicals - Module 1

This first module invites you to continue your journey as a change agent and offers some new ways of thinking about how you work to effect change. The module highlights learning from some of the most effective change agents across the globe, explores the differences between troublemakers and rebels and helps us to understand how […]

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Module 2

From me to we: creating connections and building communities


Add to Calendar DD/MM/YYYY 23/02/2017 14:30 23/02/2017 16:00 School for Health Care Radicals - Module 2

The golden rule for change activists is: ‘You can’t be a rebel on your own’ and will be presented by Kathryn Perera. This module gives us an understanding of the power of working together by exploring communities of practice and social movements. We identify techniques for connecting with our own and others’ values and emotions […]

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Module 3

Rolling with resistance


Add to Calendar DD/MM/YYYY 02/03/2017 14:30 02/03/2017 16:00 School for Health Care Radicals - Module 3

It is natural to resist change. Rather than seeing resistance as something negative, here we shift our perspective so that we see dissent, diversity and disruption as essential components of effective change. However, we need to build resilience in order to work effectively with resistance. This module offers some tools and techniques to ensure that […]

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Module 4

Making change happen


Add to Calendar DD/MM/YYYY 09/03/2017 14:30 09/03/2017 16:00 School for Health Care Radicals - Module 4

This module will help us create and sustain the energy we need to make change happen. We will look at a number of practical ideas, tools and resources to help us change the way we do change. We’ll look at why change fails and how you can minimise the risk of it failing by creating […]

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Module 5

Moving beyond the edge


Add to Calendar DD/MM/YYYY 16/03/2017 14:30 16/03/2017 16:00 School for Health Care Radicals - Module 5

As change agents we are aware that most effective change starts at ‘the edge’. This module will help us equip ourselves for our journey to the edge and beyond. We’ll explore what we mean by ‘the edge’, and what opportunities there are for health and care change activists to be bridge builders and curators. Get […]

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Game on! Using gamification to engage and motivate change.

Shari McKeown from the British Columbia Patient Safety & Quality Council, Canada shows how using games can build energy, engagement and sustainability for change.


Moving from Quality Improvement as activity to Quality Improvement as culture

Using care for older people as an example, Ruth Glassborow from Health Improvement Scotland talks about developing a sustainable QI culture


Network Toolkit – supporting the development of networks across the health and care system

Thinking Differently

Fundamentally, healthcare organizations and systems are patterns of energy, webs of human relationships, conversations and decisions .Imagine the healthcare system to be a multi-storey building. We have stairs, halls, ladders and balconies. We call them networks, institutes, agencies, confederations. The spaces are not just the lines and boxes on the official organization chart, static images […]