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Game on! Using gamification to engage and motivate change.

Shari McKeown from the British Columbia Patient Safety & Quality Council, Canada shows how using games can build energy, engagement and sustainability for change.


Moving from Quality Improvement as activity to Quality Improvement as culture

Using care for older people as an example, Ruth Glassborow from Health Improvement Scotland talks about developing a sustainable QI culture


August 2016 – Edge Talk: Managing Talent in Health and Social Care

Talent Management in Nursing – why does it matter to frontline staff and managers in the NHS? Friday 5 August 2016, 09.30-11.00 (GMT+) Sue Haines, Nottingham University Hospital’s Assistant Director of Nursing, will address managing talent in health supported by Dr Joanne Cooper, Head of N&M Research and Kerry Taylor, Shared Governance Facilitator. This webinar […]