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#ScotPublicHealth Realistic Medicine

On 7 September 2016, Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Cath Calderwood ran an hour long webinar to discuss Realistic Medicine. The session discussed the CMO annual report Realistic Medicine, the role of social media in engaging with a wider audience and attendees had the opportunity to raise questions relating to public health. To see more […]

October 2016: Stories Change the World: the power of public narrative

Public narrative is the “why” of organising—the art of translating values into action through stories. The #EdgeTalks on 7 October featured Kathryn Perera (Head of Transformation, Horizons) who ran a masterclass in crafting public narrative and its role in leadership development, building capacity and strengthening our own resolve to act effectively with others to drive […]

What it’s like working in a multispeciality provider

Join the new care models programme in an online discussion as we delve into the multispecialty community provider (MCP) model. The discussion will allow us to share and spread learning from the MCP vanguard communities and support future adopters to understand the model and how it has been delivered by vanguards. A panel of colleagues […]

November 2016: Fixing Patient Flow

Identifying the needs of any given population and creating the capacity to manage is increasingly challenging.  The origins of today’s problems can be traced back to a failure to recognise the pace of change and to respond quickly enough with new ideas and processes.  Creating a clear understanding of what is happening provides a basis […]

December: Empowering people to be heard and helping leaders to listen as part of creating the #AHPsMandate

Across England, Allied Health Professions have co-created a vision of how, with collective action, our nation will be different if all AHPs are used effectively in the health, social and wider care system. In England, AHPs comprise 12 professional groups; art therapists, drama therapists, music therapists, chiropodists/podiatrists, dietitians, occupational therapists, orthoptists, prosthetists and orthotists, paramedics, physiotherapists, […]

June 2016 Edge Talk: Exploring online health communities, with Paul Hodgkin and Ben Metz

Friday 3 June, 9.30 – 11.00 (GMT) Exploring online health communities, with Paul Hodgkin and Ben Metz We are witnessing the emergence of a new phenomenon in healthcare: self-organising, online communities of patients, carers, clinicians, researchers, academics and industry, all focused on a particular disease area. Currently these exist as disparate and loosely bound communities, […]

Crowdsourcing vs. Surveys: Insight Beyond Forms and Votes

Are you interested in developing new forms of engagement to really hear what your customers think and feel? Surveys provide a good starting point as they achieve a number of positive benefits in terms of reach, breadth and potential rigor in the analysis phase. If you have a preference however for qualitative ways of knowing […]

Change Agent: Zoe Picton-Howell

Brief profile (Who are you? What do you do?) • Most importantly: Adam Bojelian, @AdsthePoet’s Mum; • Legal academic with a particular interest child health law & ethics; • PhD Researcher Edinburgh Law School, researching how paediatric consultants make difficult decisions for disabled children and their attitudes to and knowledge of the relevant law, rights and […]

The gifts we can’t unwrap

This is a beautiful blog written by Jenny Clarke; some of you may know her as the Banksy midwife and the champion of skin to skin for all new born babies. What I liked about this blog was that it set out some simple things we can all do to make a difference to improve […]

Curators, bridge builders and advocates

Fantastic blog by The Edge contributor Sarah Myers in which she compares the “co creation” of a family Thanksgiving meal to the dynamic behind the “collaborative improvement community” Improve Care Now in Cincinnati. ICN is a fantastic network of care centres in the US where health care professionals, researchers, patients and families all work together […]

Change Agent: Elsa Ng, Pharmacist

Brief profile (Who are you? What do you do?) I am a pharmacist, recently started working at Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in London as a prescribing adviser. Before this role, I was working on an integrated healthcare record project as a Clinical Leadership (Darzi) Fellowship and as paediatric cardiac pharmacist, where I learnt a lot […]

Using crowdsourcing to deliver transformational change

This is a succinct and practical paper on crowdsourcing and how we can harness ‘the power of the crowd’ to ensure that our change efforts are transformational. Joy’s Law reminds us that, “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” (Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems). If you’ve got a challenge […]

Crowdsourcing and Care Design 2016

There are many ways to share content online and one of the most interesting is to create your own virtual scrapbook using tools such as ‘Flipboard’. The attached article and commentary below are from our very own Carol Read and excellently demonstrates how to use this format. Paul Woodley Crowdsourcing is a relatively new approach […]

A focus on NHS R&D North West

NHS R&D North West is one of those NHS teams that has been surprisingly resilient and entrepreneurial in recent years. Faced with the closure of the North West Strategic Health Authority in 2013, the R&D team were reborn as a devolved hosted function with amazing opportunities to continue to create aspirational and innovative environments to enable […]

Hack Hull

There are many ways to share content online and one of the most interesting is to create your own virtual scrapbook using tools such as ‘Flipboard’. The attached article and commentary below are from our very own Carol Read and excellently demonstrates how to use this format. Paul Woodley Flipboard magazines are great for pulling […]

Hack Hull 2

There are many ways to share content online and one of the most interesting is to create your own virtual scrapbook using tools such as ‘Flipboard’. The attached article and commentary below are from our very own Carol Read and excellently demonstrates how to use this format. Paul Woodley Flipboard magazines are great for pulling […]

How to engineer serendipity

Serendipity 1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. 2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries. 3. An instance of making such a discovery. When I curate for The Edge various tools are used such as Flipboard, Feedly and Pocket which look at key areas I have defined to provide content. Artificial intelligence […]

What kind of thinker are you?

‘What kind of thinker are you?’ This is an interesting and thought provoking article that puts the spotlight on understanding how people ‘think’ rather than what they ‘do’ within their team. ‘Its people who ultimately make the difference’ to the team and it makes sense to be aware of the different ‘thinking’ dynamics to build […]

The power of Twitter

Twitter perhaps isn’t what immediately springs to mind when first thinking about connecting and networking as a health and social care professional however it can be an extremely powerful little thing to have in your professional tool kit. Twitter allows for global connections at the touch of a button and in the palm of your […]

An introduction to scaffolded social learning

Julian Stodd’s blog post provides a good example of developing a model of learning in public. This key skill of working out loud enables others to connect and offer their thoughts on the model at each stage of development through the hashtag. Follow this work through the ongoing posts of Julian’s blog and the hashtag […]

The power of listening

If we want to create an environment where we can bring about change, we have to be prepared to really listen to what individuals are saying. Lisa and John highlight that it is easy to go through the motions and be convinced that you have the answers, when in fact if you fail to actively […]

Cutting edge – content curation

There are many ways to share content online and one of the most interesting is to create your own virtual scrapbook using tools such as ‘Flipboard’. The attached article and commentary below are from our very own Carol Read and excellently demonstrates how to use this format. Paul Woodley Flipboard magazines are great for pulling […]

Improvement Science Alert – December 2015 edition

The Knowledge and Intelligence team from NHSIQ/NHS England scour over 250 sources each month to select and sign-post to the latest evidence in improvement science, leadership and large scale transformational change. Presented in a simple bibliographic style the aim is to save users considerable time in searching for new reports, papers and research on these […]

How organisations can counter wilful blindness

I first came across the notion of ‘wilful blindness’ when I was fortunate enough to hear Margaret Heffernan speak at a local school seminar in Dorset, UK. Wilful blindness is the phenomenon where we choose to overlook knowledge and facts that might otherwise have led to better outcomes. It is something to which we are […]

The problem with theory of change

How important is language when talking about what we do? Tiago Peixoto thinks it’s really important, and has a bee in his bonnet about the term “theory of change”. Whilst this term is regularly used within the change community, Tiago objects to it because it uses theory in place of hypothesis. Tiago’s argument is that […]

Where good ideas come from

I love the message in this video. That good ideas come from sharing and connecting, allowing the time and space for people with different ideas to come together in a permissive environment. Sharing your good ideas (and not so good ones) with other people – bounce them around, find out who has similar ideas to […]

Finding our flow

This is a very honest film from hospital staff talking about the issues they faced daily within the emergency department and the impact.  Although their improvement work is not a new methodology what is new is a hospital talking openly about their problems, how this made staff feel and sharing the solutions. I could relate […]

The 37 best websites to learn something new

As part of The Edge’s mission to bring innovative ideas to the world, what better way to inspire and develop people than to expose them to new ideas! With this in mind, the attached article lists 37 of the best websites to find free online training. We use sites like this in the production of […]

Design Thinking – the new innovation strategy

One approach to design that has been around for a long time but overlooked by many is the idea of design thinking. Design thinking is simply the idea of approaching choices in the opposite way to that which we have learnt since childhood. Rather than taking a list of options and narrowing them down to […]

Purpose: the word of 2016

This blog by Dan Pontefract jumped out at me as I really like the notion of the “sweet spot”, where personal, role and organisational purpose align and work in symbiosis. For those that are familiar with the NHS Change Model, you’ll remember that ‘our shared purpose’ lies at the very heart of effective change: “Shared […]

Decoding my chronic disease

Logan Merriam is part of a new and growing breed of “patient entrepreneur”. I use the term entrepreneur in the sense that Peter Drucker described it “Innovation is a specific tool of an entrepreneur hence an effective entrepreneur converts a source into a resource.” The “source” in Logan’s case is his experience of living with […]

Is productivity contagious?

Employee productivity is always a burning issue regardless of any social or financial issues businesses may face. This article by Matthew Lindquist looks at how employee productivity can be affected by their co-workers. The article is interesting in that it looks not simply at an employee’s own productivity but rather at their effect upon the […]

Change comes at a cumulative cost – make it worth the investment!

For anyone working in the health and care sector during this time of unprecedented change this research paper by Kristin Cullen-Lester and Bryan Edwards may provide invaluable insights into monitoring change efforts to improve outcomes. The research looks into the cumulative effects of change on employee engagement. While overall too many change projects can disengage […]

The science of organizational transformations

This article is a helpful follow-up to earlier work by McKinsey & Company several years ago. Then they developed the Influence Model to support transformational organisational change. This is valuable as a generic change model and was used in the Academy for Large Scale Change in the NHS and is widely known within healthcare, though […]

The problem-solving process that prevents groupthink

Wondering why traditional brainstorming methods fail? According to this article by Art Markman, these methods do not necessarily generate any new ideas than had people worked on their own. The article describes the two stage of solving problems as a group – divergence, the coming up with a wide range of solutions, and convergence, the […]

Social media & me

You’ve probably heard a lot about social media, and you’re probably even already even using it. But we know that many people still feel unsure about what they can and cannot share; when to join online conversations; and what social media can be useful for – both in our home and work lives. If you […]

How many golf balls could YOU fit in a school bus?

Some great tips here from Google about how they boost creativity within their organisation. This helpful summary of the practices that have done most to foster innovation include great nuggets about how they identify the most creative individuals in their midst – by asking “brain teaser” questions such as “how many golf balls could you […]

NHS Choir – A Bridge Over You

The idea for a Christmas number one single came about to celebrate the thousands of NHS staff that go the extra mile every day. This song celebrates the work of all the unsung heroes in the NHS, whose amazing work is often taken for granted. It started on Facebook and very quickly spread across other […]



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